Interior Project

ANGLE by dongliang


 主创设计师 | Main designer - Dongzi Yang,Zuoqian Wang   项目经理 | Project manager - Q Lin

地址| Location
South area, No.1 Shenzhen bay, China

状态| Status - Completed  Sep  2018 |完成于2018.09

项目面积(平方米)| Size-300sqm
Photographs - Shao Feng

ANGLE is a lifestyle concept store in Shenzhen, China that combines cafe, art gallery, and boutique. It is co-created with Charles Wang, co-founder of DONGLIANG. The project is located in South Area of No.1 Shenzhen Bay with a 300 sq. m space. The client hopes to see not just a boutique & cafe but one that is multi-functional, fun, and can differentiate itself from traditional boutiques.

空间原本为两个独立楼层,VA建议增加楼梯将其打通,在拉动上下楼商业动态的同时楼梯亦可当作展台使用。一楼作为咖啡餐厅的同时可兼做美术馆,二楼则作为高级女装买手店使用。另外,VA在这个项目中希望通过阶梯式的空间语言在满足设计委托方功能要求的同时,将所有展品最大化展示,亦能使空间设计具备独特的个性,在客人穿梭于一二楼之间的时候可感受不同的空间感及趣味性。 The space was originally two separated floors. VA suggested using stairs to connect them. While improving business dynamics, the staircase can also serve as an exhibition stand. The ground floor is a cafe that can also be used as gallery space; the second floor is a high-end womenswear boutique. In addition to meeting the client’s needs, VA hopes to maximize the opportunity to showcase exhibits and give the space more uniqueness through the spatial language of stairs. In this way, customers can feel different sense of space and playfulness when traveling between the floors.

同时,因项目位于深圳湾商业街道的转角处,拥有着两面玻璃幕墙展示面,考虑到安格二楼作为买手店的特殊属性,VA选择在结构上将橱窗语言最大化融入在设计中,使橱窗也成为室内空间的一个设计亮点。 Meanwhile, as it is located at a street corner, which allows it to have two continuous glass shop windows, VA chose to incorporate the art of window display to the greatest extent, making it a design highlight of the interior space.