Various Associates

作为一间建筑和室内设计工作室 , 致力于地方及全球性设计研究项 目。工作室成立于 2017 年 , 拥有国际顶尖背景的设计师团队 , 其 专业范围涵盖建筑空间、室内设计、材料研究、交互设计等 , 致 力于高端及实验性项目的设计与研究 , 从空间功能出发 , 通过对材 料的研究 , 挑战常规 , 关注细节与品质 , 为每个项目打造出独特的 视觉效果。同 时 , 作为一处艺术家和设计师的合作平台 , 万社希 望能够结合创意与技术 , 探索过去、现在与未来 , 突破创作界限。

Various Associates is an architectural and interior design studio dedicated to local and global design research projects. Studio was founded in the end of 2017, has the international background of top designer team, the professional scope covers the architectural space, interior design, materials research, interaction design, etc.We are committed to high-end and experimental design and research of the project, starting from the function of space, through the study of materials to challenge conventional and attention to detail and quality, create their own personality for each project. At the same time, as a cooperation platform for artists and designers, Various Associates hopes to break creative boundaries through the combination beween creativity and technology , explore the past, present and future.

万社相信,驱动一切的方法都是由人类经验出发,而不是任何固定的 设计教条。每个项目都具备有其特有的背景,如何针对项目的地点、 个性、功能需求以及历史等进行分析研究从而创造出项目自身的独立 标志是打造一个作品的关键。除了设计本身,万社设计也致力于研究 空间、结构与材料灯光的关系,从设计的根本结合功能思考更多的可 能性,而不是单纯地模式化风格。

We believes that the way to drive everything is based on human experience, not any fixed design dogma. Each project has its own unique background. How to analyze and research the location, personality, functional requirements and history of the project so as to create its own independent logo is the key to create a work. In addition to the design itself, our design is also committed to the study of the relationship between space, structure and material lighting, considering more possibilities from the fundamental combination of design functions, rather than simply modeling the style.

以设计作为媒介改变生活,发掘品牌及项目价值,让每个设计成为 be irreplacble 不可替代,be remarkable 卓越精彩的,be valuable 有价值的,be sustainable 可持续发展的。

Use design as a medium to changing life, discover brand and project value, and make every design become:

"Be irreplacble, be remarkable, be valuable, be sustainable."