模糊 创意空间+酒吧

地址| Location
Haixin South building,Shenzhen, China

1000 squre meter
1000 平方米

状态| Status
Completed  Aug, 2019

Shao Feng

‘MORPH 模糊’位于深圳市南山区市中心区域,占据着整个建筑体的一角,是一个建筑面积1000平方米的综合性空间,景观上面朝着市政公园,地理位置上毗邻后海商圈区域,是一个在市中心难得的闹中取静的位置。MORPH的中文意思是变形、进化, 业主希望在当地建立一个充满可能性的新社交空间,引进及承办不同的文化艺术音乐活动, 带给这个城市新的活力。
Located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China and occupying a corner of a building, MORPH is a mixed-use space with a total construction area of 1,000 sqm. With an urban park and Houhai business circle nearby, it's a rare tranquil place amidst the hustle and bustle of the downtown area. "MORPH" means transformation and evolution in Chinese. The client hopes to build a vigorous and brand new social space, to introduce and hold various cultural, artistic and musical events, with a view to bringing new vitality to the city.
The project was approached by Various Associates, a local-based design studio. According to the project designers' understanding, evolution indicates progress and variation. Taking account into the context of Shenzhen — a new city, they wanted to utilize some traditional and local materials to collide with the modern interior structural forms, and fuse gradually-forgotten Chinese old elements with international modern designs and aesthetics in an innovative manner, thereby presenting the "evolution" of design. The designers' idea is to realize collisions within the space through a diversified material palette, contrasting interior scenes as well as division of multiple functional areas.

色系的灵感来源于紫禁城的传统配色,采用了极端且饱和度极高的配色:大红、正蓝、哑黑、明黄、金;也正是所谓五行的颜色。如此具有中国代表的色系在空间中以全新的现代方式重组,诠释及转换,与结构相结合形成了视觉饱和度极高的一帧帧画面。 The color palette is inspired by the Forbidden City, consisting of red, blue, black, yellow and gold, which feature extremely high saturation and are consistent with the colors of Wu Xing (Wu Xing is also named as the Five Elements, which includes metal, wood, water, fire and earth. In traditional Chinese philosophy, Wu Xing is the foundation of everything in the universe and natural phenomena). The five hues with Chinese characteristics are reorganized, interpreted and transformed in a modern approach within the space, which well integrate with the interior structures, together producing visual highlights.
面对着中国传统材料的被遗忘及消失,万社基于作品给出了探索与解答-通过自身的设计手法去革新大家对传统材料使用方式的印象,重新定义一个传统材料在现代社会及设计上的运用;将中国特有的材料与现代技术材料及设计结合,突破人们对传统材料上使用的限制,以另一个方式继续传统材料的沿用 :re-design with old material”  .
Through this project, Various Associates explored and worked out a solution to tackle with the oblivion and disappearing of traditional Chinese materials: on the one hand,  adopting unique design approaches to innovate the way of using traditional materials and redefine them in modern designs; on the other hand, integrating China-specific materials with modern technologies, materials and designs, so as to break through the limits of traditional materials utilization and realize “re-design with old material”.