SND boutique 


地址| Location

Shin Kong Place,Chongqing,China

状态| Status
Completed  Nov., 2019

Shao Feng

设计团队从建筑维度思考,使店铺成为探索身体和空间之间关系的媒介。在简约纯粹的空间界面,运用中轴线的布局,将具象征意义的“里程碑”置于中心点上。同时,“里程碑“的设计概念寓意SND迈向国际代表性买手店之列的新起点,教堂式的建筑形制契合其“在个性与趋势中找到平衡”的品牌信仰,两边的开放式陈列区形似广场。通过独特的布局方式使客户具有清晰的行驶动线且在行走过程中能看到完整的商品陈列, 方便顾客挑选及对比商品。设计方案则根据场地的自身狭长的特点并结合品牌对艺术、行为、展示多方面的功能需求。无论从店铺外的任意一个角度往里看, 空间的层次感与材质的碰撞都成为一道路过的风景。 From the architectural dimension, the store is designed to be a medium where customers can explore the relation between body and space.The layout is pure and simple, with a symbolic “milestone” placed at the center right on the central-axis. The “milestone” holds an obvious implication —— a new starting point for SND to move towards an internationally representative buyer's shop. In addition, the church-like architectural form serve as an embodiment of SND’s brand belief, which is to strike a balance between keeping the brand personality and catching on the fashion trends.The open display area on both sides resembles a square. Through its unique layout, customers can know clearly the routes and can view every product in display while walking, offering them a chance to select and compare goods easily.The design team had not only take into consideration the site's own narrow and linear characteristics, but also the brand's functional requirements for art, behavior, and display. Seen from any angle outside the shop, its hierarchical layout and the texture of materials have enabled the shop to be a memorable landscape for any passers-by.

而在立方体内,万社设计延续着中轴线的构图及对称式设计语言,赋予了室内空间神圣感跟仪式感。珠宝展示于中心的长直线展柜,易于客户细心挑选,高定衣服品牌则陈列于空间内两侧,均以专业柔和的灯光照射以展示衣物自身的质感。弧形的前台立于空间正中心,分割了展示空间与休息间的区域的同时也保证客人在需要时能及时得到服务。 Within the cube, Various Associates continues the idea of symmetric design, offering the interior space a scared and ceremonial sense.Jewelry is displayed in the long straight showcase right in the middle, which is easy for customers to choose carefully. Luxury brands of haute couture are displayed in both sides, and are illuminated with professional soft lightening so as to show the texture of the clothes.The reception desk is curved and stands at the heart of the space, dividing the display area and the rest area in the cube while offering timely services to customers in need.

在此项目中,万社打破了传统品牌店的货架式思维,以新的陈列语言在保留买手店货品充分展示的同时以自身独有的设计语言凸显snd的品牌个性。最大化保留橱窗展示面积并突出展示商品的美感跟质感, 同时保留了商品陈列的灵活性及多样性,为之后更多品牌活动跟展示方式提供更多的可能。万社设计以功能品质与视觉表现的深度创作,实现了品牌空间与城市生活更大尺度的自由对接。 In this project, Various Associates have overcome the conventional thinking mode of traditional brand stores. Not only the products have been fully displayed, the brand personality of SND was also highlighted in its own unique design language.The size of window display area has been maximized to the largest extent, while at the same time, the flexibility and diversity of product display were retained, which offered more possibilities for brand activities and presentations follow up.This innovative design by Various Associates marks the achievement of quality and visual performance, and realized the association of brand space with urban life