Various Associates 万社设计

We use design as a medium to change life, discover brand and project value, and make every design become

be irreplaceable 不可替代,
be remarkable 卓越精彩的,
be valuable 有价值的,
be sustainable 可持续发展的。

As an architecture and interior design studio, it is committed to thousands of local and global design research projects. The studio was established in 2017 and has a team of designers with top international backgrounds. Its professional scope covers architectural space, interior design, material research, interactive design, etc., and is committed to exquisite, experimental, social and innovative project design and research. Starting from the space function, through the study of materials, we challenge conventions, pay attention to details and quality, and create unique visual effects for each project. At the same time, as a cooperation platform for artists and designers, we hope to combine creativity and technology to explore the past, present and future, and break the boundaries of creation.

We believe that the method of driving everything is based on human experience, rather than any fixed design dogma. Each project has its own unique background. How to analyse and research the location, personality, functional requirements and history of the project to create its own independent logo is the key to creating a work. In addition to the design itself, Various Associates is also committed to studying the relationship between space, structure, materials, and lighting, thinking about more possibilities from the fundamental combination of design and function, rather than adopting a unified model style. Being unique, adapting measures to local conditions, starting from the brand, culture, and environment, and exploring more design possibilities are the direction that Various Associates has been committed to. We firmly believe that design changes life.


Co Founder - Dongzi Yang

Royal college of Art, Architecture MA

RIBA Part 2

FRAME award jury

Co Founder - Qianyi Lin

Royal college of Art, Interior MA

University of the arts, Spatial BA Hons

FRAME award jury


BOSS STYLE臻品,2020.8



Boutique Design(US),2019.11

Interior Design(US),2019.11


hinge Issue 279(HK),2020.1



Since the design project appeared in international design competitions in 2019, we had won several industry-recognized design competition awards in accumulative design projects in other countries, including several annual global unique awards, such as:

第41届CONTRACT 杂志年度室内设计大奖 零售类别全球唯一大奖

美国《室内设计》Best of year winner 类别全球唯一大奖

美国《室内设计》Best of Year Honoree,全球荣誉奖

Top Design 100中国设计头条年鉴榜

ELLE DECORATION 家居廊 《2020中国室内设计年鉴》

FX international interior design award 类别全球唯一大奖

2019 APIDA 亚太区室内设计大奖 金奖

第十七届国际设计传媒奖 年度休闲空间大奖